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Wimax produtct

WiMAX has to be one of the most troubled specifications to have taunted us with dreams of super fast Internet connections in recent years. Sprint first announced WiMAX as it Xohm service only to bleed so much revenue and customers that it had to cut back massively on WiMAX rollout. Then the worst blow came when most mobile service providers bet on a different format called LTE. The fact that the state of WiMAX in America is far from clear hasn't stopped Motorola from announced a new USB WiMAX modem.

The modem might be useful if you live in one of the handful of cities that can get WiMAX. The best part of this modem is that it can offer download speeds of up to 70Mbps, blazingly fast for sure. My pokey home broadband connection maxes out at 5Mbps. Who knows what will ultimately become of the WiMAX specification, but I suspect its days are numbered. The official Motorola name for the modem is the USBw 100 and it is capable of connecting to all frequencies approved for WiMAX use around the world. Perhaps users in Europe will get more use out of it that Americans.


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